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The average consumer will turn to a search engine whenever they have an immediate need for a service or product, or are in the process of researching a supplier. It’s therefore vital for your business to be visible at the very moment a potential consumer is searching for a business such as yours.

As a SEO company in Kerala, ranking and visibility is our forte. Our expert SEO team takes on a holistic approach to your website by running all essential SEO Kerala campaigns, monitor & make necessary changes for even better performance. We are also one of the top ranked website development companies in Kerala.

Our SEO Services

SEO Audit & Strategy

By conducting an SEO audit, you will be able to begin planning the right digital strategy for your business and gives you the opportunity to take immediate action off those insights. Through a website SEO audit you will be able to pinpoint any technical issues holding your website back, and gain insight into what is lacking within your site - from your content and keywords to usability and coding.

International SEO

If you are targeting keywords across geographies for your global business, you will encounter stiff competition and must put in a lot of effort to outrank. At Orizonic, we know what it takes to create a reliable and robust website – one that search engines favor irrespective of the location of your customers.

SEO Consulting

Our seo consulting services range from a full spectrum of services that include setting up your SEO strategy to maintaining it and even handling parts of it, should you require so. Whatever may be your requirement, we first take the time to fully understand your business and business goals. Later, we study your website, customers and competition to find out both the pros and cons of your online presence.

Industry-Specific SEO

At Orizonic, we understand that there can never be a one-size-fits-all SEO strategy for all forms of businesses. Which is why before any SEO process that we initiate, we do a detailed study of your company, and then deconstruct your unique brand motivations and business goals to deliver the most appropriate SEO services, targeted and optimized for your unique business goals.

Technical SEO

A website performs well if it is properly tuned. We carry out a comprehensive Technical Audit to identify performance bottlenecks and areas that require streamlining. This includes page speed optimization, mobile-friendliness, file compression and browser caching - to address all crucial technical aspects of your website.

Local SEO

Local SEO is essential because even in the age of e-commerce, people depend on local businesses for their immediate needs. Small shops and startups thrive best by catering to their communities, and local SEO can help reach them. Our Digital Super Specialists deliver full-scale local SEO services for on-site and off-site SEO, analytics and research and link building.